Fall Pins Trending on Pinterest Now

Fall is in the air and leaves are starting to fall on the ground. So, why not curl up with a pumpkin spiced-something and check out what’s trending on Pinterest this season.

The Art of the Perfect Pumpkin Seed

There is a way to make a pumpkin seed taste delicious. It just doesn’t feel like fall if we don’t try out one of these recipes. This one has over 6K re-pins, which we’re hoping means someone has tried it and it’s good. Let us know if you do.

pumpkin seeds

Carmel Apple Sangria Takes 5 Minutes to Prep and Serves 10-11

Now, this is shaping up to become a party. Add some sangria to your pumpkin seeds and you’ll have a small cocktail hour waiting to happen. This sangria recipe has been re-pinned by over 271K times. This looks too delicious to pass up.


22 Hearty Slow Cooker Recipes

Looks like when the weather turns a little chilly, people on Pinterest are in the mood to eat! From pumpkin-spiced-everything to apple crisps and crock-pot meals, there are a lot of food related items trending right now. Here was one of our favorites. You can use this Country Living list as an easy go-to if you’re in the middle of moving or have a packed schedule this fall.

slow cooker

Fall Bucket List

And, you can’t kick off the fall season without a proper bucket list. This list will ensure you have lots of fun over the next few months and that you don’t miss a single fall activity. From going on a hayride to making pumpkin bread this fall may be the best yet.

bucket list

For more Fall trending pins visit Pinterest. What are you most looking forward to this season?