Beltmann, of Farmers Branch and Dallas, Among Top International Long Distance Moving Companies

Making an international move? Helpful tips from long distance moving companies in the greater Dallas area

Families and individuals who need to make an international move are often overwhelmed by the choices, logistics, and preparation needed in order to move out of the country. Long distance moving companies that are local may not be able to handle an international move, but working with out-of-town movers can feel like you don’t have an expert or advocate on your side.

Beltmann Moving and Storage Worldwide can take the guesswork out of your international move, and is a trusted name among long distance moving companies in Dallas. Our relocation experts have the experience to help you with international logistics, timetables, controlling costs, and getting through customs. When you work with Beltmann, you’ll know you’re getting local expertise that can take you anywhere in the world you need to go.

Long distance moving companies that don’t have specific international experience can really only help you with packing and getting your household as far as customs enforcement. Beltmann’s international relocation specialists can help you negotiate with international carriers, suppliers, and movers to be sure that you have every resource as you reach your destination and unpack in your new home. We’ll help you control costs while making sure that your timeline can be honored by any other partner that we contract with.

As you prepare for your international move, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Strategize your packing. You’ll want to keep items you need or use every day with you (in your carryon bag), and items you’ll need in your first day or two in your checked luggage. Medication, identity documents, and personal items you must have access to should all be kept at your side and in your carryon bag. However, bear in mind that the more carryon or checked luggage you travel with, the more items you’ll need to monitor during customs and immigrations enforcement.
  2. Keep track of your paperwork. You’ll have multiple forms for traveling, for customs, and for your identity documents as you travel. You should keep copies of each of these in your carryon bag, as well as copies of the travel and identity documents of every member of your household.
  3. Prepare your pet. If your household includes a pet, you’ll want to know well in advance what documentation is needed for your pet’s travel arrangements and arriving in your destination country. Proof of ownership, proof of vaccination, and other documentation might be needed in order for your pet to travel safely and be allowed into your destination.
  4. When in doubt, declare it. It’s always better to let the customs enforcement agent decide not to care about an item you did declare instead of deciding to go through your luggage item by item for something you didn’t declare. Your Beltmann relocation expert can work with you beforehand to discuss what items can and cannot go through customs when you travel.

What sets Beltmann Moving and Storage apart from other long distance moving companies is our expertise in international moving. We’ll work with you to make a plan for any items in your household that are sensitive to customs, such as alcohol, gardening supplies and plants, food and beverages, or weaponry items like guns or knives. We’ll also help you make sure that delicate items, antiques, heirlooms, electronics, and art can be packed securely and arrive safely in your new home.

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