Beltmann Moving and Storage Offers Our Clients These International Moving Tips in Dallas, TX

Our Beltmann Moving and Storage experts in Farmers Branch provide helpful moving tips

At Beltmann Moving and Storage we understand how expensive moving out of the country can be and that the whole experience goes smoothly. To help ensure your next international move go as smoothly as possible, our experts offer these tips.

1. Check in with the Embassy

Often referred to as the Consulate, you need to contact the embassy of the country you will be moving to long before your moving date arrives. They can help ensure you complete all required documentation and that everything is in order before you leave. At Beltmann Moving and Storage, not only can we help you with information on the consulate’s office for the country you are moving to, but also for the U.S. embassy in the country you are moving to.

2. Connect with Your Bank

Contact Your Bank before you leave, they can help you with currency exchanges and let you know what the current exchange rate happens to be. As tempting as it might be to close all your U.S. bank accounts, especially if you are not planning to return at any time in the near future, you need to leave at least one open. This can help you with transferring more substantial sums of money safely to a bank in your new country. It also gives you a U.S. based bank to pay your taxes. Keep in mind that even though you live in a foreign country, as a U.S. citizen, you are still obligated to pay U.S. taxes on your income no matter where you live.

3. Documents and Valuables

Valuables such as jewelry should be carried with you rather than ship them with your household goods. Be sure you make copies of all important documents such as passports, marriage licenses, birth certificates, drivers’ licenses, adoption papers, divorce decrees: store one set of copies in your household goods, the other in your carry-on luggage. Should you lose the originals, the copies should be enough to get you and your family into the country long enough to contact the embassy for replacements. This could save you from being turned away at customs and save you from significant expenses.

4.  Book Early

Depending on what time of year your move is scheduled for, you should book things like moving services, airline tickets, and hotel rooms (if needed) as early as possible. Not only can this help keep costs down, but it also ensures everything you need is available when you need it.

5. What About My Pet?

If you plan on taking a pet along with you, you first need to be sure your new country will allow you to bring them into the country. If you can, then be sure you take your pet to the vet for a full checkup and any immunizations they need. Be prepared to pay for the costs of quarantine in your new home that can range from days to weeks. It may be better for you to leave your pet with a trusted friend or family member.

Here at Beltmann Moving and Storage, we can help you with a range of international moving tips designed to help keep your costs down and ensure a smooth transition to your new country of residence. Contact Beltmann of Dallas at (214) 856-0095 and let’s get started today!