International Movers Serving Dallas, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

Are you moving to or from a different country? If so, trust the movers at Beltmann Moving and Storage for all of your moving and storage needs. With years of experience getting families into their new homes, our movers in Dallas are ready to do the same for you! Fill out our online form for a free moving quote!

International Movers Serving Dallas, TX, and the Surrounding Areas

With nearly 100 years of working in the relocation business, Beltmann Moving and Storage is on the list of top-rated international movers in the Dallas area with the skill and experience you will need for a seamless move. We successfully move individuals, families, and businesses locally, across state lines, and to the other side of the world. Our knowledgeable team of movers will guide you every step of the way with your international or overseas moving and storage needs.

Expert Advice and Add-On Services

We know you’ll have many decisions to make about your upcoming move. Let us help you work out all of the fine details. One thing to keep in mind from the beginning is the way your move is priced – by density and size. This means you may have to consider which items are worth the cost to move them. Items that can become costly are typically light, yet bulky pieces like wicker chairs and couches or big plastic climbing toys and playhouses for the backyard. You can minimize your cubic volume and your costs by selling or donating these items beforehand. We also help with decisions on full-service packing and unpacking, as well as the transport of valuable or delicate items. Do you have storage questions? Beltmann’s international movers can help you there too; regardless if it is a short or long-term storage need.

Customs Challenges

Customs requirements can seem overwhelming at first, but you can count on Beltmann Moving and Storage to stay up to date with international regulations. We know an oversight could result in unforeseen delays or fines, so we play it safe and make sure we know all of the rules. We pay special attention to which items are permitted for overseas travel through customs, to get in front of any potential issues before they begin. We can assure you that we keep on top of the ever-changing international clearance laws and we will guide you through customs forms or other important documents.

A Lot or a Little: Arriving Safely, Securely, and on Schedule

Whether you are shipping your complete household or just a few chosen items for a temporary move, it’s important that your international movers deliver your belongings on schedule and in good condition. Our tracking system keeps you in the know, while you await your shipment. When it comes to an international move, Beltmann knows that peace of mind is a priceless commodity.

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