Moving on Up

Moving into a new place with more space is an exciting time for anyone, especially in the Bay Area. Whether you are a family who has outgrown your current space and now in a house with more than enough room, or you are a single person moving out of that cramped apartment and into your own home, having a bigger space might create empty spaces in your new home. Here are some tips to help fill those rooms that might feel a little bare.


Patience is Key

Wait until you live in your new space for some time before you go on a shopping spree. No doubt, it’s hard to not rush to your nearest IKEA once you’ve made your offer, but consider waiting a few months. If you end up backing out on a deal for any reason, you don’t want to be stuck with something that might not work in your next new home. Plus waiting and living in your space allows you to really get a feel of what rooms you use the most and what piece of furniture you will want to invest in first. Living in your new home for a little while will help you catch a bigger vision of what each room really needs.


Set a Budget

A new home or larger apartment might come with a larger monthly payment. So instead of giving in to that urge to buy new things and turn your house into a “dream home” immediately, make sure you set and keep a budget for buying new furniture and decorations. Being patient and conservative will allow you to add the right pieces to your home at the right time. The last thing you want is to be eating Ramen noodles every night on your new dining set!


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