Living in the OC at any Life Stage

Don’t let the housewives scare you off: Orange County, California is a great place to live the bachelor life, raise a family, or retire. Relocating to Orange County could be a great move for you at any stage in life.

The Single LIfe

The ritzy surroundings of the O.C. have been well-documented by plenty of TV dramas. But you don’t have to have stacks of cash to enjoy the single life in Orange County. Check out the famous places like Laguna Beach and Mission San Juan Capistrano, or take a date on the Balboa Island Ferry. Find a cheap bite to eat at a classic food truck like the “Burnt Truck” or the “Soho Taco Truck.”

The Family LIfe

For pre-schoolers through grad-schoolers, The OC has opportunities to get an excellent education. It’s no surprise that the area has a high concentration of glamorous private schools for youngsters, but the area has plenty of places to continue your education. The universities scattered throughout Orange County offer everything from comprehensive leadership training to art and design.

Those looking for a safe, beautiful place to raise a family won’t have to look hard in Orange County. The Irvine community boasts one of the nation’s lowest crime rates and highest academic performance. Mission Viejo has plenty of beachfront space on it’s massive lake for those who want some waves a little closer to home. And for those looking for a slightly smaller community, places like Lake Forest and Aliso Viejo have been long-time favorites for families.

Retired Life

Contrary to what the teenage dramas might suggest, the OC isn’t just a place for lovelorn teens and bored housewives. Seniors will also find Orange County an incredibly relaxing place to start their retired life. The county boasts some wonderful places for retirement real estate, assisted living, and services to help seniors navigate the retired life.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @Nouhailler via the Creative Commons license.)