How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Beltmann Move

Beltmann6If you’re on your way to a new city or state and you’re using us to handle your move, we want you to be aware of all of the resources that you have available to you at your finger tips. Here are our top five ways you can make the most out of your move.

  1. Watch videos That Help You Along

Whether you’re looking for information on what supplies you’ll need for your upcoming move or how to set-up a moving budget, our DIY videos have you covered:

  1. Save These Online Tools

We have some online tools that you can use as you plan for your move. Things such as our packing calculator and shipment-tracking tool are things to definitely bookmark and save for when you need them.

  1. Get Pint-spired

Yes, we just made that word up – but, you’ll get what we mean when you check out our Pinterest boards and become inspired by our tips, tools and helpful city links:

  1. Get Social With Us

If you need help or have a question – we are always available online, via our phone number 866-251-8588 or you can message us on Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Follow Our Blog

Check out our blog for new and fresh ideas that will help make your move easy and stress free.