How to Live Without Cable Post-Move

Scissors cutting through a coaxial RG6 cable - cut the cable tv

It’s no longer necessary to have cable television services in order to stay entertained. Many people are choosing to get rid of their cable altogether thanks to the array of alternatives that are available these days. Here are our top picks for alternatives to cable:


One of the most popular alternatives to cable television is Netflix. With Netflix, you have the option to watch shows and movies on your television, mobile device, or computer. Netflix also offers a DVD service, where you can select DVDs to be mailed to your home. After you finish with them, you simply return them in the prepaid envelope and request your next selection. There are several membership plans available, including plans that allow you to watch Netflix on multiple devices at the same time. A basic membership costs around $7.99 a month, with prices going up based on account features.


Hulu is another affordable online entertainment service that works much like Netflix does. The difference between Hulu and Netflix is that Hulu is focused on television shows rather than movies. Not only does Hulu let you watch current TV, it also allows you to watch older episodes of your favorite shows. You’ll find everything from sitcoms to reality shows on Hulu; the free one-month trial lets you try the service out before deciding to keep it.

Apple TV

Apple TV is an ideal solution for anyone who wants the maximum amount of entertainment on their television without the need for cable. With Apple TV, you get iTunes shows and movies, Netflix, Hulu, ABC, Disney, Showtime, and much more. Apple TV is highly interactive, allowing you to control your entertainment experience from across the room. Not sure what you want to watch? Ask Siri for recommendations! Apple TV comes with a Siri remote, which is controlled with a swipe of the thumb.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime began as a premium shopping and free shipping service; however, it now also offers affordable entertainment options as well. With the Amazon Prime service, which costs about $100 a year, you not only get discounted shipping on your Amazon purchases but also a selection of shows and movies to stream on your computer, gaming system, mobile device, and/or television.

Making Your Move 

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