How to Keep Your Movers on Track With These Dollar Store Finds

beltman_06-8Here’s a genius way to keep your movers on-track when unloading boxes at your new home. You may not have thought about doing this, but it’s inexpensive and will be very helpful to anyone on your moving crew especially if they beat you to your new home or you’re not able to be at the house.


  1. Get a copy of the floor plan for your new house
  2. Give each room a color
  3. Buy these color coding labels at the Dollar Store (see above)
  4. Place a colored sticker on each box, indicating where it should be placed in your new home and in the corresponding room on your floor plan.

Give your movers a copy of the floor plan to take with them so that they know where each box should be put, if they should get there before you they will have no issues finding where each box should be placed.

Also, while you’re at the Dollar Store, be sure to grab:


Markers for labeling boxes and totes to keep a few things that you’ll need for night one in your new house.