How to Get Rid of Half Your Stuff in One Week

Boxes In Empty Room

Moving offers a fresh start, so what better time to downsize your belongings and simplify your life? By clearing out unnecessary items before your move, you’ll make the moving process easier and your new home will remain uncluttered. Here are some ways to cut your stuff in half within one week:

Have a Garage Sale

Before embarking on your Miami move, have a yard or garage sale to clear out your home. To make sure the neighborhood knows about your sale, put up flyers in the area or put an ad in your local newspaper. When pricing your items, keep them cheap, as garage sale shoppers are always looking for a bargain.

Try an Ebay Auction

Ebay auctions can be set to run for 3, 5, 7 or 10 days. If you have large numbers of the same item to get rid of — say, lots of books or a great deal of women’s apparel, group individual items into lots. That way, it’s less of a shipping hassle for you. Always offer free shipping to attract the highest number of bidders and keep your starting price low.

Use Facebook Local Sales Pages

Another way to get rid of your stuff in a hurry is by using Facebook local sales pages. Most communities have at least one page where residents can offer their items up for sale or trade. This is a good option if you don’t mind meeting with your buyer in person. As with all the other sales strategies, keep prices rock-bottom for best results.

Run a Craigslist Ad

Craigslist is another place to advertise your stuff for sale or even giveaway. As with Facebook, this is a strategy to use if you don’t mind face-to-face transactions. Include clear photos with your ad to cut down on hassle and show potential buyers exactly what they’re getting for the price.

Donate to Charity

The easiest way to get rid of half your stuff in one week is with a charitable donation. Many nonprofit thrift shops will even come pick up your items, making the process nearly effort-free on your part.

Moving to Miami

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