Best Beaches of Palm Beach

Lets face it, when relocating to Florida you’ll want to know the best beaches to hit up after the moving trucks unload all your belongings. Let us help save you time and effort on research. Here are the top beaches in the Palm Beach area to help you de-stress from the big move.


John D. MacArthur Park

Owned and operated by the state of Florida and supported by the “Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park,” John D. MacArthur shows off the natural beauty of the Sunshine State. The state has worked hard to preserve the beach’s natural resources and offer a wide variety of instructional and educational programs. Between the state funding and private efforts, this active beach has playgrounds, eating areas, trams, nature exhibits, an amphitheatre, and a kayak fleet- plenty to keep you busy for a relaxing weekend trip.


R.G. Kreusler Park

If you’re looking for a peaceful beach that’s still close enough to plenty of amenities, check out R.G. Kreusler Park. The boardwalk and shopping of Lake Worth Municipal Beach are within comfortable walking distance. And R.G. Kreusler Park also offers special sand wheelchairs for handicap accessibility.


Philips Ocean Park

If you’re up for a day of adventure, Philips Ocean Park is a fun beach to explore. Displaying more of the rustic side of Palm Beach, this park has plenty of old trees and rocky shores. Guests can make use of the picnic and grilling areas, or take a stroll down “Billionaire’s Row,” featuring some of Palm Beach’s most impressive mega-mansions.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @waterlooHildreds via the Creative Commons license.)