6 Things Most People Forget to Do on Moving Day

Man Covered In Cardboard Boxes - Moving Concept

Even the most organized person can forget things on moving day. Before you head to your new home, check this list to save yourself some hassle:

  1. Notify Your Neighbors — Even if you’re not friends with your neighbors, let them know about the move. It’s the considerate thing to do and even more important if you’ll require access to their driveway or have moving vehicles parked near their home.
  2. Obtain Childcare — Children may have trouble adjusting to a new move, making moving day stressful for them. Even if your child is happily on board, they still might get bored while the moving process is happening. If they’re too young to help, obtain childcare for the day.
  3. Consider Your Pets — Dogs and cats may find the moving process upsetting. Rather than keeping them crated or leashed all day, opt for “doggie daycare.” Pet sitting facilities offer outdoor areas for pets to enjoy and even offer fun activities for them. Your pet will enjoy it and you’ll have peace of mind during your move. After you’re settled in, gently introduce your pet to their new home.
  4. Turn the Utilities On — It’s easy to let details slip your mind during a move. Make sure you’ve already arranged to have your new home’s utilities turned on before you arrive, otherwise you may be left in the dark on your first day.
  5. Your “First Day” Box — Make moving day easier and more pleasant by packing a “First Day in Your New Home” box. Packed inside the box should be everything you need for a comfortable first 24 hours in your new place. This might include things like a first aid kit, cell phones and chargers, snacks and bottled water, shower supplies, and bedding — for starters. Each member of your family can make their own box as well, so everyone has the items they need to feel comfortable.
  6. Check on the Parking Situation — You don’t want to be surprised with a parking problem when you arrive at your new home. Make sure you’ve already assessed the parking situation and know where you are going to park.

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