3 Things Most People Forget When They Move

beltmann-7-6As you hustle and bustle around the house preparing for your move, there are a few things that many people tend to forget on moving day. Being involved with moving day-in-day-out we wanted to prepare you for a few things you may not have thought of – that way you’re prepared for the day ahead.


When your mover comes to give you an in-home estimate, be sure to show them your storage areas. Remember: attics, sheds, walk-in closets, basements, hall closets and large storage bins – everything adds up! If you do not account for these things, you could be in a bind on moving day when you have way more items than estimated.

The Awkward Items

Especially if you’re moving across town and are planning on hauling some things in your car, remember that the bulky and awkward items have to be packed too. Don’t leave all of those until last, be sure to have a plan for where they will be stowed or – better yet – realize that it will be worth the time and headache to go ahead and buy the packing services. You won’t believe how many people wish they had on moving day!

Leave Important Things Out

It’s a really good idea to keep important papers like birth certificates, social security cards, checks, bank information, wills and important contracts with you (vs. packed into the moving truck). Also, high valued items or things that are collector’s items, you may want to keep with you as well. Things like jewelry and sentimental items, you may want put in your car. It’s a good practice to buy a few extra totes that will serve as a way to transport these important items.

If you have any questions about your upcoming move, someone on our team would be happy to assist you in thinking through move day details.