Top 3 Best Ways to Get to Know People in Kansas City

 Once your Kansas City mover has pulled out of the driveway, you might be thinking, now what? One of the first things to do is meet your fellow Kansas City dwellers. Here are three tips on making new friends.

  1. Volunteer. Heart to Heart International is located in Kansas City, but reaches around the world. Through volunteers, it provides medical education, delivers medical aid, responds to people in crisis, and addresses community health concerns around the globe. Their goal: Transform lives through service–one volunteer and one community at a time. They work in underserved regions where the patient to provider ratio is high or in communities where local needs are exceed their ability to meet those needs. Answer phones at the call center, wrap pallets or pack relief supplies, or travel locally and internationally. Support their work financially and meet others who do the same at Heart to Heart special events.
  2. Play a Sport. A great choice for people of all abilities and ages is disc golf. The Kansas City Flying Disc Club is one of the strongest and most active disc golf clubs in the country. Established in 1988, it was created to promote the sport of disc golf. This is a sport for anyone. They encourage good spirits, and fellowship among players. It is fun, challenging, and affordable because there are no greens fees, and the parks are open to the public. There are 12 courses in the Kansas City area. You play disc golf just like traditional golf only you use a flying disc (frisbee). You complete each hole with the fewest number of throws possible. The “holes” are usually a raised pole with a basket. Enjoy this trendy sport and meet all kinds of new people doing it!
  3. Join a club. Toastmasters is a great club to join if you are a business person or get called on to speak in public. This club exists to improve your ability to speak and lead, and they do it in a fun way. Nationally they have about 260,000 members who attend local clubs, and about 12,500 local clubs exist, including in Kansas City. Membership is $27 each six months, which is a very cost effective way to improve your skills and also meet new friends who share your interests. At club meetings, members speak weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and the group evaluates the performance together in a friendly way.

Take a break from unpacking all those boxes that your Kansas City movers unloaded, and search for a volunteer opportunity, club, or sport you can join.

(Photo attributed to flickr member @ricoslounge via the creative common license)