Beltmann of Roselle, IL Offers Exceptional Moving Help for Your Next International Move

At Beltmann Moving and Storage we offer the finest in moving help when the time comes for you and your family to move to your new job with the United Nations

Working for the United Nations can be a very rewarding job, but when the times comes for you and your family to transfer to a new job overseas, you are going to need moving help you can count on. At the Beltmann Moving and Storage, we have been providing our clients with superior quality moving help for more than 50 years, including international moves. 3

We Can Go There with You

Whether are moving to the UN headquarters in Geneva, the International Court of Justice in The Hague, or any one of dozens of UN institutions located all over the world, with only a few exceptions we offer our finest moving help to get you and your possessions there. The only exceptions are countries where for political, legal, or other reasons we are not allowed to operate.

We offer the finest in house to house moving help, including superior packing services using top-quality professional packer and packing materials. We also work with the moving services at the other end of your move to provide you with professional unpacking services and assistance with moving your furniture in place. At the same time, we provide you with customs information for the country you are moving to. As long as you follow the up to date information we provide and don’t try to sneak anything in, you can avoid fines and possible delivery delays.

Managing Your Cost

While an international move can be expensive, there are steps you can take to help keep your costs down such as not shipping things you really don’t need or are prohibited. At the same time, we go to work with the moving services in the country you are moving to ensure they provide you with the moving assistance you need such as scheduling a delivery date and time and arranging for a team of professionals to unpack your shipment and help with moving the furniture into place.

At Beltmann Moving and Storage of Chicago, our mission is to provide you with the moving help you need to ensure your international move goes off without a hitch. For more information, contact us at (630) 474-2527 and let’s get started today!

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United Nations

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