International Moves with Pets Can Be Challenging – Beltmann's Residential Movers in Chicago Offer These Tips

When it comes to taking your pet with you out of the country, the residential movers in Chicago at Beltmann Moving and Storage can help you wade through the challenges and help you make it happen.

Moving across the country can be tough enough, but when you are moving around the world, it gets harder. Then throw in moving your pet with you, and you could easily become overwhelmed. Yet, your pet is just as much part of your family as your kids, so maybe all the red tape is worth it. Tackling the red tape needed to take your pet into another country can be challenging according to our residential movers in Chicago. But it is not impossible. Here are three tips to help smooth the process along for you.

1. Is Your Pet Legal?

While here in the US you can have just about any pet or breed you want in most areas, the same cannot be said of many other countries. They may have species or breed restrictions, for example, France has banned all pit bulls. Others require long periods of quarantine at your expense before they will allow your pet to join you. Our residential movers in Chicago can provide you with the latest laws in the country you are moving to.

2. First Class or Baggage?

Check with the airline or airlines if a transfer is involved in your pet’s journey to see what their requirements are for your pet to travel with them. Be sure you follow the rules to the letter, if you don’t your pet could end up stranded in an airport somewhere along the way. Be sure you can stay in touch with each of the airlines so that you can monitor your pet’s location during the journey.

3. A Place to Stay

Before you start worrying about shipping your pet and the challenges of doing so, be sure your new rental home allows pets. You should also make sure there are pet care and pet suppliers nearby and room to walk and exercise your pooch.

For more tips on moving internationally with your pet, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage of Chicago at (630) 474-2527. Our teams of residential movers in Chicago can answer your questions and provide you with valuable information that will help your move go more smoothly.