Tips on Moving Restrictions from Beltmann, One of Chicago's Top International Moving Companies

As one of the international moving companies in the nation, Beltmann Moving and Storage maintains lists of the moving restrictions for every country we ship to

No matter the reason why you find yourself and your family moving out of the country before you start packing, you need to know what you can and cannot take with you. To help you with this, international moving companies like Beltmann Moving and Storage keep track of the latest changes in customs regulations to ensure that we can help you avoid issues with your household goods making it through customs unhindered.

Knowledge Equals Power

Half the battle of making sure your household goods make it past the countries customs inspections lies in knowing what you can and cannot bring with you. Some things like plants, fruits, and vegetables are an obvious item that cannot travel outside of the U.S. Here is a short list of moving restrictions that virtually every country does not allow you to bring with you provided by international moving companies:

  • Firearms – All types
  • Alcohol – All types of alcoholic beverages
  • Drugs – All controlled substances unless you have a valid prescription
  • Literature – Many forms of literature are banned in some countries for political and religious reasons

One of the most difficult challenges with moving to a foreign country is learning how to adapt to their laws and customs. Along with this, you have to learn at least a small amount of the local language in order to get by. Plus, you may have to learn to do without some of the items you are not allowed to move with you. Along with this, many international moving companies will tell you that significant changes in your lifestyle may be required to fit in.

Beltmann Moving and Storage is one of the nation’s best international moving companies and is here to help make your overseas move go as smoothly as possible. If you have questions or are ready to get started with your move, contact the Beltmann Moving and Storage of Chicago at (630) 474-2527 and let our team of international moving experts get started preparing your household for the big move.