Trust the Professional Movers at Beltmann Moving and Storage of Roselle & Chicago, IL

At Beltmann Moving and Storage our team of professional movers and packers use the best supplies and boxes, shouldn’t you?

When you work with Beltmann Moving and Storage, your moving quote includes a team of professional movers who have years of experience in what they do. One thing all of them will tell you is that when you are moving everything you own; you need to use the best moving supplies and boxes available. While it might be tempting to use boxes scrounged up from your local stores as a way to save money, they are not made to hold up to the types of stress involved in moving.

Our professional movers say you need boxes that are sized to stack in the truck properly, have a high enough “crush” rating to withstand being stacked in the truck and being transported to your new home. To help you determine how many boxes you need, what sizes you should be using, and how much packing material and tape you need, we offer our online packing estimator for your use.

Our Online Packing Estimator Helps

Our online packing estimator asks you to provide a few simple details such as the number of rooms in your home, the length of time you have lived there and so forth. This information is then collated, and a list of the moving supplies you are likely to need is produced. We offer a range of professional grade packing materials and supplies to meet your needs and match your budget.

When you need a team of the finest professional movers to help with your next move along with all the packing supplies needed to pack your home safely, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage of Chicago at (630) 474-2527 and let us be there to help. Our mission is to make your move one of the most stress-free moving experiences you’ve had.