Amazing Kids Costumes Made Out of Boxes

And, it’s that time of year again – time to figure out what your kid is going to wear for Halloween. Well, as your favorite moving company – we love checking out the best box costumes gracing Internet – so here it goes – this year’s best of the best.

What Kid Doesn’t Love a Mail Box?

This is such an adorable idea and can even be used as a kid’s activity past Halloween. We love this one!


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Family of Legos

Get the whole family involved and create a set of Legos out of boxes, cups and paint.


For the Over-Achiever

So, apparently you can make Optimus Prime out of cereal boxes. This might be one you will need to look into before showing to your kids. My gut is telling me it’s not a simple crafting job.



Simple Thomas The Train

OK, I think the general population might be able to tackle this one. It looks like you will need some paper plates, a box, some string and paint. This website actual will allow you to download some free printables to help you make this costume.



Barbie and Ken Photo Perfect

Oh, now this is funny! I’m not sure how you’d get door-to-door (maybe do leg cut outs) – but this would be adorable for a birthday or Halloween party. Definitely great photo op with this box costume!



The Vending Machine

We just love this one. Lots of work, but it paid off!



The Juice Box

Turn you kid into their favorite drink with this adorable juice box idea. We’ve seen a few variations, but love the straw in this one.



What are some of your favorite costumes you’ve seen this year? We love the creativity this year and hope you all enjoy a safe and happy Halloween with your family.