Interstate Moving in Roselle, IL and Chicago, IL

Interstate Moving in Roselle, IL and Nearby Areas

If you’re planning a move out of the Windy City to another state, you should be looking for a quality professional interstate moving company like Beltmann Moving and Storage of Chicago. Moving your family and everything you own can be a stressful experience and if you’re not careful an expensive one. There are times when you should be trying to save money and times when the quality of service is just as important as the cost. Our goal is to provide you with superior quality long-distance moving services at competitive pricing.

Should You Do a DIY Move?

Many of the people who come to us for their interstate moving service started out looking at DIY moves. It typically doesn’t take long for them to realize this type of move isn’t as cheap as they think. Not only do you have all the costs associated with renting a moving truck and buying packing supplies, but you also have to look at the physical cost as well. If you’re not used to moving heavy boxes and loading them into the truck you could injure yourself, leading to medical bills and time off work.

The same goes for low-cost moving companies who may give you a quote at the beginning of the move and then load it up with hidden fees at the other end of your move. Then you have the risk of damage due to the lack of skilled and experienced packers and movers, which could add to the cost of your move.

Making the Right Choice of Interstate Moving Company

When you come to Beltmann, your professional moving company in the Roselle and Greater Chicago area, we give you an accurate written quote, experienced, skilled, professional packers and movers, and as an agent for North American Van Lines access to state-of-the-art moving equipment and a worldwide support network.

Rather than risk your valuable belongings in a DIY move or by hiring a low-cost, low-quality interstate moving company, contact Beltmann Moving and Storage of Roselle at (630) 474-2527. We offer a diverse range of customizable moving services at affordable prices no matter where your move takes you.