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Beltmann Moving and Storage has almost 100 years of experience moving individuals and families, as well as corporations. Beltmann understands the unique challenges of moving internationally or overseas. We recognize this type of move can be considerably more complicated than a straightforward local or interstate relocation. Let our expert international movers and Relocation Specialists guide you step by step.

Decisions when moving
Beltmann Moving and Storage will help you with the difficult decisions as you’re getting ready to make your move. International moves are rated by density and size of your load, so it’s likely you will have to deliberate whether some items are valuable enough to be worth the cost of moving them so far away. To minimize your cubic volume and overall costs, consider selling, donating or using our climate-controlled storage for those extra items that you deem are not worth moving. Beltmann can help you with all your decisions on transporting very large or uniquely shaped items, as well as valuable commodities. Keep in mind that experienced international movers pack quickly and with ease, saving precious time for you to manage other important tasks related to your relocation. We can also provide possible options for international storage choices.

Delivering According to Regulations
Beltmann delivers your property safely. We know it’s important to stay current on international regulations. International customs requirements are sometimes confusing, but your assigned Relocation Specialist will guide you through the special forms and official documents, as needed. Oversights can be terrible; resulting in delays, fines, or even seizure of the entire shipment. We’ll help you manage and keep you up to date. You can rest assured that Beltmann will keep you advised if any of your belongings pose a risk of being detained at customs.

Uncompromising Quality
Whether moving it all or just taking some things with you, your home or corporate goods are our priority. Our goal is to deliver your valued items on schedule, as we make your international move seamless and simpler for you. Where most moving companies fail to communicate effectively, Beltmann’s superior tracking system creates further peace of mind. This keeps you well informed, while you are awaiting your belongings in your new location.

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