Things to Consider when Downsizing

When you find yourself at that time of life where you need less space, a lower monthly house payment, and fewer things around you, it’s time to consider downsizing. This can be a difficult process, as many people have lived in one place all their lives. Before you call a Kansas City mover, consider these suggestions on downsizing without the stress.

If you are a parent, still housing the relics of your children’s childhoods, you need to buy some boxes and make some deliveries! The letter jacket that hangs in the coat closet, and the wall of awards can be sent to live with their owners now. If they don’t have room for these things either, it will be up to them to decide what to get rid of and what to keep.

Literally downsize. Look at all the big furniture you have and consider what  you might buy if you were able to start fresh. Sell off that overstuffed couch and head to IKEA for a sleek but comfortable replacement. Do you need to keep the china cabinet? Think, is it only there to hold the china that you don’t use? Take a hard look at everything and shed those things you haven’t looked at for years.

Make some gifts of special items you love but can live without. That china you don’t use, grant it to your daughter or niece. Maybe someone would love the doll collection you inherited but really just collects dust. It might be a sentimental exchange with a loved one as you give them your mementos, but they will appreciate the gesture, and you will be freeing up space.

It has been said, “make four piles: one to keep, one to give away, one to sell, and one to trash.” As you pack for your new place, have definite spots for each of these categories. Things will seem to sort themselves, and then once the boxes are packed, you will have shed many, many things.

When you are ready to call your Kansas City mover, you will have made many decisions about your household, that it will be easy to get accurate moving estimates and head to your new home.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @sherrysrosecottage via the creative common license)