Must-Know Tips for Packing Backyard Essentials

It can often be somewhat overwhelming to decide which backyard items will come with you when you’re planning to relocate. For this reason, you might want to take inventory and prepare certain outdoor furniture pieces for the big move. Here are some tips that will help you pack lawn furniture and other backyard essentials before a top-notch crew of Kansas City movers transports all your household belongings.

Backyard tools

There are certain backyard tools, such as garden hoses, lawnmowers and shovels, that will need to be properly prepped for the move. Before packing your garden hose, be sure to unplug it and drain all the remaining water from it. Roll it up carefully without crinkling the rubber, as this will ensure that the hose will function appropriately after you’ve reached your final destination. You might want to tie off the handles of any rakes, shovels or tills in order to keep them grouped together. In addition, you should refer to the EPA website to learn how to properly drain and dispose of the gas in your lawnmower before packing it.


You should make it a point to thoroughly clean your grill before packing it. Be prepared to either use all of your propane or throw away the tank since this component is easily replaceable. If the grill can be disassembled, remove all the parts so you can pack them accordingly. Before putting the grill in a box, make sure you label the container appropriately.

Lawn furniture

Since you might have patio furniture that’s made with glass materials and fragile plastic, you should disassemble whatever you can and come prepared with plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper. Spend some time cleaning the furniture and all of the parts. You’ll also want to label all of these items as “fragile” to ensure that the Kansas City movers know how to handle them when unpacking.