Moving to Kansas City: Brookside Neighborhood Review

Art Fair on the Square

When moving to Kansas City, one of your first decisions will be location. Choosing a neighborhood is important, as it contributes to your quality of life and impacts you daily. It’s good to know what neighborhoods fit your family’s style and personality before you call your Kansas City mover and make plans to move. Look into the neighborhood of Brookside. You will find it a great place for both families and singles.

Brookside was planned in 1920 as Kansas City’s first suburban shopping area. It was meant to cater to those with automobiles. From the beginning you could find specialty stores, grocery and drug stores, doctor’s offices, a community center, and the first south side police and fire stations.

Now, you will find over 70 shops, restaurants, and offices that complement the neighborhood’s charming architecture, and are known throughout the city to be some of the best. The population is around 11,000 and the average age is 39.

The neighborhood is home to The University of Missouri-Kansas City, Rockhurst University, Stowers Institute, Midwest Research Institute, the Linda Hall Library, and the headquarters of Russell Stover Candies.

Although Brookside is considered chic and hip, it has a laid-back bar scene that is comfortable and inviting. The Brooksider Bar and Grill is the place to start and end the night.

It is also home to the Brookside Art Fair, which is nationally recognized for having 185+ local, national, and international artists. Each May, this event draws people from all over to its festivities, promising fun and functional art for your home.

Brookside also has the Annual St. Patrick Warm-Up Parade the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day. This is a chance to join with the community in a family friendly celebration.

You’ll have to check out Brookside before you call your Kansas City mover, and decide if it is the place for you.

(Photo attributed to flickr member @ibm4381 via the creative common license)