Moving in the Summer Months, What You Need to Know

If you find yourself moving in the summer, you are not alone. Many people decide to move during the summer for better weather, or because children are out of school. There are some things to consider as you and your Milwaukee mover work on that hot July or August day.

1. Hydrate the whole family. Keep water bottles around and keep them full and cold. If you have to buy bottled water to accomplish this then break down and do it. When you are busy packing and moving, it is easy to go hours without a drink of water, and not to pay attention to what the kids are drinking. If they are well hydrated, they will tolerate the heat and stress much better.

 2. Wear sensible clothing. This is not the day for flip-flops and a baggy shirt. There are just too many opportunities for tripping and falling, or getting caught up in the shuffle. You need work clothes and shoes, and so do the kids. Wear light-colored cotton and closed-toed shoes with socks.

3. Keep out the fans and keep the A/C running. Even though your mother told you not to prop open doors with the air on, today is the exception. You need the extra coolness as you exit and enter carrying heavy things. Even if you are just directing movers, you can become overheated without cool airflow.

4. Plan ahead as much as possible. As we said, many people move in the summer, and movers get booked up. In order to get the weekend you want, you’ll need to schedule far in advance. This will also allow you to change over utilities in a timely manner and get all the appropriate address changes made.

5. Plan your day. If it’s going to be 75 at 8am and 95 at 4pm, try to get the heavy lifting done in the morning. You’ll be smart and more comfortable. You can do the indoor cleaning and final tasks with the air conditioning on later.

If you’ve planned ahead and secured a Milwaukee mover for a summer day, take these few precautions to ensure everyone is happy and safe on moving day.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @cimexusunder via the creative common license)