3 Top Places to Check Out Before You Fall in Love With a House

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You don’t want to make the mistake of touring a house and loving every single detail of it before you come to realize that it’s a 45 minute commute to your work in heavy traffic. The more you know about the area you are moving to before you start looking at houses, the better. Here are the three top places you should make sure are in a short distance to the area of New Jersey you would like to move.


School District

Even if you don’t have children yet or don’t even plan on having children in the future, the school district your home is located in can affect the resale of your home. Look for highly rated school districts that have a strong history of good schools, so if you don’t move for a decade, you will be sure to get top dollar for your home. Keep in mind though, the better the school district, the higher your taxes might be in that area as well. It can be a wash at times though, because the money you pay in taxes you will gain back when you go to sell your home.


Amenities That Are Important to You

Do you like to go to the gym everyday, or possibly have a passion for flying airplanes? If you will spend many of your precious weekend hours at one particular location, make sure you’re not wasting your time driving, but spending it enjoying your free time.


Hospital, Doctor and Other Medical Attention

There is something especially reassuring knowing you’re close to medical help and a hospital, if one is needed in an emergency. If you have a family or a medical condition, you want to know where help can be located and how long it might take to get there.


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