5 Thanksgiving Activities to Help Your Family Reconnect

Homemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving Ready to Eat

Homemade Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving Ready to Eat

Thanksgiving and Christmas might be the only time that you get together with your family. If that’s the case, it’s even more important to find ways to re-connect and make these holidays count. Here are a few ways to make this year more meaningful than the rest.

  1. Conversation Cards: If you aren’t familiar with conversation cards, check out TableTalk Conversation cards on Amazon for an example. You can get them for as little at $6 for a box. The cards include questions that can start conversations. Things like, “if you could have one super power, what would it be?” or “what is your greatest gift?” or “if you could change the law, what change would you make?” These cards can be used at dinner or during dessert in the living room. You can have everyone answer each question or just have the person that picks the card answer. This is a great way to start a conversation if you have shy family members.
  1. Mad Libs: If you think your family just needs a good laugh, you might want to download some of these free thanksgiving themed Mad Libs. They are sure to bring a smile to even your grumpiest Uncle’s face.
  1. Thanksgiving Bingo: Give everyone a bingo sheet with pictures of the food on the table. When someone says the words on the sheet and they get caught – the person who catches them first gets to put a bean on that square. The first person with three in a row wins first dibs on dessert.
  1. Family Trivia: Pull out the history books or call your Great-Aunt for your family genealogy and have some fun with your lineage. Split up into teams or do individual scoring. Ask for your family members to guess the answers to multiple-choice or open-ended questions. Keep score throughout the day.
  1. Something We Don’t Know: Have everyone write down one thing that most people don’t know about him or her. Have the Game Master read each statement and let people write down their best guesses for who said each. The person who gets the most guesses correct, wins!

Are these games getting your wheels turning on your next holiday get together? We hope they help you learn new things about your relatives and re-connect with your family to a new level this year. We are so happy to be your favorite local and long-distance mover and wish you a very happy thanksgiving.