Wintertime Home Improvements

For you and your loved ones, the winter months might be all about holiday get togethers and cozying up on the couch, but this year, consider using the winter months as a time to get a jump on your spring home improvement list. 

Because this isn’t the busiest season for handymen and contractors, you’ll likely get a better deal now than if you waited several months. Once the temperatures start climbing again (and folks cash in on their income tax returns), you’ll likely wait much longer and pay more than if you’d book help now! Here’s a list of some smart wintertime repairs.

wintertime home improvements - Beltmann Moving and Storage Nationwide

Safety First

There may not be a lot of visual appeal to this one, but it’s most important of all. Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for working batteries and replace them as necessary. The winter months lead the year for house fires, so this is a must on winter your home improvement list.


Changing out light fixtures can change the feel of an entire room. Especially during winter when sunlight is so missed, opt for total room illumination and watch your space transform. 


A fresh coat of paint is just what your spirits and home need for an automatic pick me up during the season. This is a great project to check off your list as you can normally find great deals on paint at this time of year. Then come spring and summer, you’ll be freed up for outdoor tasks and won’t be cooped up painting inside


This is another quick way to add fresh, visual appeal to your space. Updating the backsplash can be a cost effective way to totally transform the look of your kitchen. Opt for a classic like crisp white subway tiles or go bold with a statement geometric pattern.


Imagine all the hosting possibilities if you finally get your basement renovation completed. And any permits you may need to complete a basement remodel will be approved much more quickly than if you waited for the warmer months when everyone else is submitting their’s, too!

All in all, you’ll save money, time, and likely make your space cheerier if you knock out your home improvement to do list over the next few months. Then once spring comes back around, you’ll be able to head outdoors and enjoy the warmer temperatures, knowing there’s not a huge list of renovations waiting for you!