Website Review: #1 Website for Mom’s in Milwaukee

Now that your Milwaukee mover has gotten you settled into Milwaukee – it’s time to start getting acquainted with your new city. If you’re a Mom that also means getting your kids acclimated. Sometimes that can be a tough job – so that’s why we thought we would introduce you to a site dedicated to helping Moms navigate their way around parenthood and the city. Here are some highlights:


Blog features blog articles that offer tips and advice that apply to your everyday life. Right now, read articles from Milwaukee Moms about starting back to school, balancing life, teaching your kids how to pray and more. Get inspired by other Moms as they tackle day-to-day issues:



Check out this section of the website for local event information. If you’re looking for something specific, look at the categories on the left in order to narrow down your search. Whether you’re looking for activities, day trip ideas, adult support groups, festivals or farmer’s markets – this section has you covered!


Money Savers

Never pay full prices for a day out with the kids. Do your research and find out when you can get a good deal. This section of this site outlines some great information on local discounts for the zoo, museums, parks and tours.