Top iPhone Apps You Should Download When Moving to Milwaukee

The iPhone can be your best friend when moving. It holds your schedule, which your Milwaukee mover will appreciate, and it holds you contacts, your GPS, and can also hold some great apps for navigating your new city of Milwaukee. is a daily magazine, with an app by doapp, Inc. OnMilwaukee Mobile gives you everything the magazine does, but in iPhone style. Get the local arts and entertainment, dining suggestions, ideas for families, their “living” section, the “buzz” around town, movies, TV and music, blogs, sports, and travel.


Moving by PTAJ Marketing Inc. This app is a sure thing, giving you a total plan for moving. It provides a comprehensive to do list that begins with calling a Milwaukee mover, to moving day, to arrival at the new home. You’ll get tons of tips that you need, like packing, cleaning, de-cluttering, and more.


Moving Checklist Pro by Jimbl Software Labs, LLC Where will you keep your checklist for moving? You should keep it in your phone, not on 10 pieces of paper lost around the house. Use this app, which comes pre-loaded with over 200 items already on the list that you can add to or delete. Items can be checked and unchecked as they are completed.


Moving Van by Glimmer Design Limited How will you know days from now what is in each box you packed? Consider using an app that will keep the contents of each box organized. This can be invaluable when you arrive at your new home and are looking for the photo albums, or even the toaster. Each box will have a unique number, and will catalog photos of the contents of the boxes.


(Photo attributed to Flickr member @yuichirock via the creative common license)