Three Websites to Help You Design on a Dime

If you’re thinking about calling a Milwaukee moving company, you’re probably getting ready to embark on an exciting journey. If that journey includes moving into a new home, you’re probably already planning the space, looking at your current furniture to figure out how it will fit in your new home. If you’re like most of us, you might be looking for affordable décor options – that’s why we compiled our best websites for designing on a dime.



If you haven’t jumped on the Pinterest-bandwagon – it’s better late than never. This visually based website allows you to search by category or keyword in order to find the latest DIY home projects and much, much more. For the sake of this article, we’ll quickly explain how you can use the site to design on a dime.

  1. Create a Pinterest account
  2. Go to “Categories”
  3. Click “DIY Crafts”

This will take you through tons of ideas for how you can create things for less. If you’re looking for something specific use the search bar function. Happy pinning!

And of course, we have to include a link to the “Designing on a Dime” show on HGTV. Browse through the latest episodes for full-visual tutorials that take you through top-to-bottom makeovers for less.

Why buy décor at a mega-store when you can go direct to the artist? has bridged this gap and gives you access to thousands of artisans that are open for business and ready to create custom pieces just for you. From framed prints to handmade vases – this site has it all. Remember, you can always customize and bargain – so be sure to contact the vendor directly for an even better deal.