Theme Park Fun in LA

When people think of theme parks, they tend to think of Florida. But Los Angeles is an often-overlooked mecca of awesome theme park thrills. L.A.’s mild, beautiful temperatures create a perfect backdrop for some rollercoaster binges in your new home town.


Universal Studios Hollywood

How could the movie capital of the world not have a theme park dedicated to movie magic? Mega-fans wanting a behind-the-scenes look at special effects and movie-making techniques will love Universal Studios. Whether you’re a movie buff or a thrill-seeker, this park can easily keep the whole family entertained.


Pacific Park

Although the word “park,” may be in the title, Pacific Park is not your father’s “park.” This carnival style amusement park has everything from games and prizes to rollercoasters. And be sure to catch a ride on the ferris wheel and see the beautiful views of the Santa Monica Bay, Ocean Park, and Venice Beach.


Magic Mountain

Roller-coaster fans will definitely want to check out Magic Mountain. This theme park takes it’s coasters seriously, and they aren’t for the feint of heart! You’ll be hard pressed to find more thrills-per-attraction than at Magic Mountain.



Experience the magical vibes of your favorite Disney stories. Let the kids meet Mickey and his friends in person! Disneyland is one of Southern California’s oldest and most cherished theme parks. But don’t try to conquer the park in one day- plan a whole weekend (or even a week!) to take your time exploring the wonders of Disneyland.

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