The New Year’s Guide to Home Cleaning

Your Checklist to Starting 2023

As the holiday season winds down and life gets back to a slightly more do-able pace for many of us, with a new year comes new plans to simplify and streamline our lives. What better place to do that than right in our own home? (Especially if you plan on selling your home and moving later in the year!)

Naturally, there are certain projects that should be handled daily or weekly, but with renewed energy to keep moving ahead in 2023, we’ve compiled some of our favorite ideas to keep life on the clean side!

Ideally, this list would be tackled several times a year, but aim for the first time, then take it from there.

• Clean the door handles and dust the top of all door frames
• Donate or throw away anything in your house that you no longer need or love
• Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans
• Clean all throw rugs
• Disinfect all light switches
• Dust the blinds, furniture, lampshades, and cabinet tops
• Sweep, vacuum and mop ceramic, laminate, or hardwood floors
• Deep clean the upholstered furniture (or send to the cleaners, if necessary)
• Wash every throw pillow and blanket
• Dust all bookshelves and books and knickknacks
• Purge your pantry of unused and outdated foods
• Clean the walls
• Scrub the kitchen cabinets and baseboards
• Wash mattress covers
• Remove curtains and either wash or dry clean them
• Pull out large appliances and clean behind them
• Move beds and sofa couches to sweep or vacuum / clean rugs beneath them
• Clean out your refrigerator
• Vacuum the fireplace

Tackling the whole house can feel a bit intimidating for many of us, so here’s a checklist schedule with weekly, seasonal, and annual cleaning idea from Apartment Theory.

What else do you tackle on an annual or semi-annual basis? We’d love to hear your suggestions.

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