The Kansas City Star Neighborhood Report Cards

As your Kansas City moving company,  let us be the first to offer you some tips and advice about your upcoming move to Kansas City. You’re probably searching for the perfect neighborhood for your family – if so, you’ll want to check out a Kansas City Star’s analysis of the city’s neighborhoods. The Star offered each neighborhood a report card.


The report card evaluated three dozen elements of each Kansas City neighborhood, including:

  • Quality of Life
  • Crime Rates
  • Test Scores
  • Street Conditions
  • Retail Growth
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Water Main Breaks


The Star will be revealed their findings in an eight-day series. Here’s a sneak peak of some of the findings. All research is comparing where Kansas City is now versus a decade ago.


  1. Homeownership rate is increasing in most neighborhoods
  2. Crime Has Decreased
  3. ACT Scores Have Increased
  4. There Are More Restaurants
  5. Kansas City is Cleaner
  6. The Roads Are Being Fixed


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