The Best Elementary Schools in Milwaukee


If you have called a Milwaukee mover, and are on your way to this new city, you are probably thinking about where to send your elementary age children to school. It can be overwhelming to choose from all the school options available, from public, to magnet, to charter, to montessori. Here are three great schools for elementary aged children.

Golda Meir School

Gold Meir is a public gifted and talented magnet school for 3rd-8th graders. It is in the Milwaukee School District. This school serves a diverse urban population through an interdisciplinary curriculum. In 2007, Gold Meir was a No Child Left Behind National Blue Ribbon Award winner. In this school of about 360 students, there is an atmosphere encouraging creativity and critical thinking created by dedicated and professional teachers.

Whittier School of Excellence

Whittier is a charter school for Pre-K through 5th grade. They are known as “a public school with a private touch.” It is a close-knit atmosphere with only one classroom per grade. With this small community, teachers can get to know all the students, and these relationships foster learning. In 2010, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction nominated the school for a National Blue Ribbon Award. This school has a focus on technology, with up-to-date computers and software, and a strong character education program.

Downtown Montessori Academy

DMA is a charter school for K-8th graders open since 1976. They have been state certified since 2007.  This school of 125 students has multi-age classrooms with a low teacher to student ratio. Students complete a three-year rotation with the same teacher to provide consistency in teaching. Their mission is to help the child become a self-confident, competent, and cooperative adult. They follow the principles and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, whose educational approach is for children to trust their own ability to think and solve problems independently.

Once you have chosen your new school community, arrived at your home, and your Milwaukee mover has delivered your belongings, you can begin your life in this new city with confidence that you have made the best choices for your family.

(Photo attributed to flickr member @woodleywonderworks via the creative common license)