Store it or Keep it: Determining When to Get Rid of Items

Pile Of Brown Cardboard Boxes With House Or Office Goods.

For some people, accumulating personal and household items can sometimes become overwhelming. Closets, attics, basements and garages can quickly become filled with items that have been long forgotten or even no longer wanted. If you are going to be moving soon and your storage areas have become overfilled with an over abundance of items, then you may plan on getting rid of some thing. However, you might be having difficulty deciding whether to keep certain items or place them in storage. Here is a guide that can help you make this decision:

Determine if the items are outdated

If you find that some of the items that you have stored have become outdated, then this may be your cue to get rid of them. You don’t want to add unnecessary clutter to your new home, and if you donate or sell the items, then someone else may be able to find some use out of the items that you’re no longer interested in. However, if you feel you could use the items despite being outdated, then placing them in storage instead of getting rid of them might be a better decision.

Do the items have sentimental value?

Everyone has at least a few items that are of sentimental value. You should carefully consider that if you do find items that you have stashed away that have sentimental value. Chances are that if you have the items hidden away in a closet or garage that you could part with at least some of them without feeling sad. On the other hand, if you come across belongings that you absolutely can’t live without, then by all means, place them in storage.

Are the items in good working order?

If some of the items that you find stored away are broken or don’t work properly, then you might seriously want to consider trashing them. You might be surprised at how happy someone else can be with items that you can no longer use. If they’re in good working order, then you might want to place them in storage, but only if you believe you can use them in the future.

Moving can be a hectic time, especially when you realize just how many personal items you’ve collected over the years. Your move can be less of a big deal if you take the time to carefully scrutinize everything that you have. That way, you can ensure that you only keep or get rid of items that you’re absolutely sure of your decision about.

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