Selling a Home from Home: Tips to Boost Your Screen Appeal

Did you know that the majority of new home buyers are millennials? Born between 1980-1998, they also can’t wait to post a new pic of their home on social media!


According to the National Association of Realtors, virtually all millennials (98%) use the internet for their home search — and 78% of them found the home they purchased on a mobile device last year.* So it’s critical to make the best possible online impression by investing in high quality listing photos.


Not only that, but in a new COVID-19 era, more than ever home buyers are launching their house-hunting with an extensive online search. In a hot real estate market, how can you make your house stand out on the screen? In other words, how do you add “curb appeal” … from a device?** recently shared these tips for boosting your home’s “screen appeal” for e-mail marketing, virtual open houses and more:

First, stage your space.

Aggressive de-cluttering is the key: The goal is for your place to look so neutral that prospective buyers can picture themselves in your home. Start by putting away personal items, removing kids’ and pet toys, recycling random papers, and boxing up personal photos and mementos. One added bonus? Your space looks larger when you remove the extra stuff!

Next, consider the layout.

Take some sample photos of your space, or consider having a friend do a test “walk through the rooms” to ensure you have a clear path for a virtual tour or live online Open House.

Clean everything. And check the lighting.

Clean and dust every surface, and replace any dimly lit light bulbs with new ones. Your home will suddenly appear more bright and beautiful to any potential buyer.

Finally, think about the staging.

If your home is empty, you have a few options: Leave it empty (although remember, staged homes sell faster); purchase or rent some furniture (which you might even be able to sell again or donate later); or consider virtual staging, which adds “digital furniture” to your home. There are online ways to purchase or DIY these.

Whether your home will be professionally photographed or for sale by owner, having a strong online presence is critical to ensuring a sale. If a picture says 1,000 words, be sure the words from your photos say: “Make me an offer!

For more, visit the *NAR Generational Trends Report and **