Relocation Trends for 2022

Popular Places to Move in 2022 relocation trends for 2022

If you’re making plans to move within the next few months, the U.S Census Bureau offers both good news and bad. The great news is that there are some fabulous places to call your new home, and yet the bad news is that they’re already so popular that they’ll become even more packed by 2023.


According to the Census Bureau, these five metro areas will have high population growth rates due to factors like job opportunities and a low cost of living: Denver, Portland, Austin, Seattle, and San Jose, Calif.


Approximately 13 percent of Americans moved each year prior to the pandemic. And since it began, 22 percent of Americans have moved in response to the virus or know someone who has, according to a Pew Research Center survey.


Thankfully, pandemics don’t last forever, and there are multiple cities on the rebound.


Either way, if you’re looking to move with a full relocation, search for a place that checks all the boxes in your wish list of a fabulous new hometown, and then find a professional moving and storage company to help you accomplish that goal.


What are some of the best cities for young professionals?


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has an abundance of great restaurants and easy-to-use bike lanes; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota features so much to do that you’ll never be bored; Indianapolis, Indiana is known for tight-knit communities that bring everyone together across races and ethnicities; Houston, Texas offers amazing culture, good food and diverse employers; and Forth Worth-Arlington, Texas is famous for fabulous arts scenes, sports, and a laid-back, welcoming vibe.


What are the best places to retire?


If you’re searching for an ideal mild climate, reasonably priced healthcare, and low crime you might want to consider these locations: Oregon, Nebraska, Alberta, Canada, or Arizona, with great benefits for retirees like lower property taxes.


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