Recycle Your Moving Boxes

Several details need to be addressed when moving. You have to select a Kansas City mover, plan your move out date, and have funds on hand to afford moving-related expenses. With all this going on, you may give little thought to moving boxes.

Practically every office-supply store and storage company sells moving boxes. You can drive to the nearest location and purchase what you need. However, these boxes are costly. If you’re looking to save money – and be environmentally friendly – consider recycled moving boxes.

Getting your hands on used moving boxes is easier than you might think. Visit your local supermarket or any retail store and ask if you can have their surplus boxes. In many cases, these stores will unload boxes free of charge. You can take as many as you need. And when you’re finished with these boxes, don’t put them in the dumpster. Pass the boxes to friends and families who’re planning an upcoming move, or post a cheap ad online advertising free boxes.


(Photo attributed to Flickr member @Andrea_R via the Creative Commons license.)