Prepare Your Home for Summer Travels

Save Energy

Chances are you’ve planned and budgeted money for your vacation; you don’t want to be wasting money on air conditioning or heating your home when you’re not in it. Look into smart thermostats, which will not only save you money any time of the year but can also be programmed to have your home back to a comfortable temperature right in time for your return.

Prepare your home for summer travel - Beltmann Moving and Storage

Take Care of Perishables

That fruit bowl isn’t going to look so colorful and enticing if you forget about its contents over vacation. Make plans to clean out the fridge and use anything that will go bad. Can’t consume it all but don’t want it to go to waste? Package it up for the freezer and you’ll have a start on a recipe when you return from your travels.


The last thing you want when you walk in from your relaxing vacation is to be greeted with a foul smell or a disaster sight when you open your door. Be sure you take out the trash right before you embark on your adventure and ensure nothing is left in the sink (or garbage disposal!). Then tend to smaller details which will make a big difference upon your return: fold blankets, return throw pillows to their proper place, and make sure the common area is free of individual family members items; you’re going to have enough unpacking to do as is.

Beware Porch Pirates

It’s unfortunate, but a reality: consider how you’ll deter unwelcome visitors. Have someone lined up to get the mail and check for packages if you don’t have them held, bring the trash cans in and out, and anything else which will keep your home from screaming, “No one’s here!” Put lights on a timer to discourage.


Preparation for Relaxation

Heading home after a relaxing vacation doesn’t always bring feelings of bliss, but tending to the details before you leave will help ensure it feels like home sweet home once you’re back.