Oh, Don’t Forget To Read Our Change of Address Checklist

Christmas  moving house

Moving can be completely crazy, because it is completely crazy. You are moving your life, house and family to a new location and usually your head is spinning. That’s why we love what we do, we get to step in and make a difficult time easier. This isn’t our first time around the block; so if you have any questions for our moving specialists, please use us as a resource!

And, until that special date, check out our blog and Facebook page for tips on things you definitely shouldn’t forget.

So, this may seem like an obvious one, but in the age we live in our address is tied to so many accounts – it can make you feel dizzy. So, here’s a break down of the people/places you should notify before and after the big day.



  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Social Security Administration
  • Department of Federal Affairs
  • S. Customs and Immigration Services
  • Voter Registration Office
  • Credit Cards and Bankers
  • Investment Brokers
  • Lenders (Auto, home, personal and business)
  • Credit reporting agencies
  • Professional associations
  • Church
  • Clubs
  • Licensing Certification Boards
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Medical (doctor, dentist, optometrist, pharmacy, specialists)
  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • Family and friends

It may take some time to notify all of these groups, so some people will mail a card to hit like family and friends first. If your budget is an issue, e-mailing your new address can also cut out some time.

If you take care of the urgent groups first, you will be able to get through this list in a few weeks time.

Enjoy your adventure and welcome to your new home!