NYC’s Best Food Trucks to Track Down

Moving to New York City brings so much excitement. NYC is a worldwide Mecca where many styles, people, and cultures collide. After the food truck craze started in NYC, it slowly made its way to other metro cities around the country. But New York has had more time to perfect the art and taste of the food truck cuisine. Here are the food trucks you’ll definitely want to stop by.


Morris Grilled Cheese

Who doesn’t love a gooey, scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich on their lunch break? Okay, so maybe the lactose intolerant! But for those who are tolerant of the cheesy goodness, Morris Grilled Cheese is a must. The Morris truck has simple classics that are paired with their own house-made sodas creations, to make for a lunch worth tweeting about.


Kimchi Taco

Kimchi Taco creates Korean cuisine in a more translatable way for the general public to enjoy. The menu offers a variety of street classics with in-house Kimchi toppings on all of the dishes. With typically Lorean fare edging on the more healthy side, many Kimchi Taco dishes offer fresh and healthy options, such as the “Tofu Edamame Falafel Taco”.


Shorty’s On Wheels

Boasting the only cheese steak in New York City, Shorty’s will make sure your craving for an authentic Philly cheese steak is fulfilled. Of course, Shorty’s has the classic cheese steak made with cheese wiz. But they also have some options for the more adventurous cheese steak fans, like a honey chipotle steak. Make sure to order some fries topped with Italian seasoning and Romano cheese, to make your cheese steak lunch a complete meal.

Photo attributed to Flickr member @h-bomb via the Creative Commons license.