5 Tips to Make Your Yard Sale a Standout

Beltmann Relocation GroupSummer is a great time to plan a yard sale. If you’re moving or are planning on moving, selling your things is a smart move. Not only will you save on your move costs, you can start your next chapter with a clean slate. Yard sales are not all created equal, so here are some ways to make sure your yard sale is a standout and brings in a crowd.

  1. Inventory is Important: Make sure you’re selling a variety of items. Some say you need at least 100 or more things to have a sale. Some people won’t even stop if they don’t see much inventory or a variety. If you don’t think you have enough for a sale, consider going in with a friend or neighbor. You could also then share the work and cost to advertise.
  2. Display is important: Hanging clothes, putting tablecloths on tables and displaying items well – are important things to consider when you’re setting up a sale. Some people will just drive-by your sale, so make sure you are putting as much large inventory outside of your garage as possible. Do not hide big items in your garage. The more visible your inventory, the better.
  3. Signage: Signage is extremely important when planning a sale. Having enough signs, placing them in high-traffic areas and using both-sides are all ways to bring people to your sale. Write in big letters and use as little words as possible.
  4. Have Cash Enough: Be sure to fill your cash box with lots of dollar bills and change. Be sure to have someone on hand just in case someone comes early with a 50 or 100 dollar bill.
  5. Have Bags and Aprons: Give people who are working your sale aprons, so patrons can easily find you to pay. Have boxes and bags available for people so it’s easy for them to carry your things off.

And, as a bonus tip: keep things simple. Price all of your items well and clearly mark if you are using bulk pricing. It’s a good idea to set-up a cashier’s area so that patrons know where to go when they’re ready to pay.

Our Beltmann team hopes you have a successful (and lucrative) garage sale. Once you’re ready to move onto your next chapter, give us a call and we would be happy to help you set-up a free, no-obligation in-home estimate.