Moving to the Twin Cities

BeltmannMoving to a new city- especially if you’re not coming from a metropolitan area- can feel a little daunting sometimes. But when you move to Minneapolis or St. Paul, it’s sort of like you’re moving to two new cities. The “Twin Cities,” which sit side by side but are distinct from each other, live together in Minnesota’s most populated area. Here’s a few interesting facts about the twin cities.

While Minneapolis is arguably the more popular of the two cities, St. Paul is actually Minnesota’s capital. You probably got that wrong on a state capitals test when you were a kid. Don’t worry, most of us did!

Believe it or not, the Twin Cities have seen their fair share of rivalry over the years. In fact, the rivalry even escalated to violence and political kidnappings around the turn of the twentieth century. However, the rivalry calmed down significantly during the 60’s, and now the towns enjoy a relatively peaceful coexistence. I guess we can thank the hippies?

While Minnesota is well known for being a frigid in the winter, it’s also full of lakes and recreation. While the winters aren’t always kind to Minneapolis and St. Paul, the summers sure are nice. And residents take advantage of that with plenty of lake properties and outdoor time. Heck, even in the winter residents enjoy outdoor activities like ice fishing and snowmobiling.

It’s actually not always as cold as you might think, even in the winters. Ok, so maybe 4 degrees in the winter is pretty cold. But it’s not nearly as bad as parts of Canada, where temperatures can regularly be below zero for long stretches of time. Right?

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Photo attributed to Flickr @minneapolis_DT_bw via the Creative Commons license.