Moving a Collection?

Beltmann Relocation Group

Do you have hundreds of bottles of wine that you love to keep intact, or perhaps thousands of vinyl records that have been passed down to you by a grandparent? These kinds of collections take a little more care to move than you average items, due to their priceless nature and the sheer quantity. If you find yourself needing to move your collection, follow these tips to help get your collection to your new home unharmed and fully intact.


Insure your collection through your homeowner insurance policy. This might be great timing, because you might be looking for a new policy on your new home. If you do decide to insure your collection, make sure to take photographs of each piece in your collection. This can take some time, but you’ll have evidence of the item to provide to your insurance company. An additional benefit to photographing each piece is making sure each piece arrives to your new home in the same condition as around the time you took the photographs.


Take care when packing your collection. The packing methods for packing antique toys are much different than packing your beanie babies. Research the best methods to pack your particular item. If you have further questions or you need specialized packing material, feel free to contact your Miami movers for further assistance. Once you have everything packed up securely in boxes, label the boxes clearly where they go in your new home, and mark them fragile. Buying ‘fragile’ packing labels might be a good option because they’re very easy to spot.


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