Pre-Move Organizing: How to Tackle The Junk Drawer

Beltmann Relocation Group We all have them like skeletons in our closet. We don’t talk about them, we quietly shove everything known-to-man in them the second we hear someone is coming over. It’s where everything in your house goes to die. It takes half a day to find a single pen or battery or your neighbor’s spare key. It’s frustrating and terrifying to open, so that’s why it’s so daunting when you are thinking that you’ll need to clean it out in order to move. If you decide not to write that the drawer stays with the house in your buy/sale agreement, here are our best tips for taming the beast.


  1. Dump in Day Light: Dump everything (I mean everything…even that random paper clip in the corner) onto a white towel. Set aside a small plastic bag next to you that can serve as a trash can. Grab some cleaner and a rag so you can give the drawer a good scrub down before placing the things back into the drawer.
  2. Sort: Place things that are similar together. Pens with pens, markers with markers, mints with mints, etc. Throw things away or donate things that you don’t need anymore.
  3. What Makes Sense: Review each pile of things on the towel and ask the question, “Does this make sense to have in this drawer?” Based on how you use your home and what you’ll need easy access to. If it doesn’t make sense to have in this drawer, relocate it.
  4. Re-organize: Use small boxes as organizational areas for your drawer or buy a cheap organizer. Once you create compartments for each item, it will be easier to keep the drawer clean. If you’re planning on moving, it will be easier to place these items into a larger box and move now that you’ve categorized everything.

Organizing things like your junk drawer is a great place to start when you’re about to move. Next up, the storage area, basement or the attic! Once you’ve tackled these problem areas and are ready for an in-home estimate, contact the expert movers at Beltmann!