Memory Jars Are a Creative Way Celebrate 2018

If you just moved to a new house, city or you just want to be more intentional about remembering the best of 2018 – consider creating a memory jar.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 Ball jars
  • 2 Labels
  • Pens
  • Small strips of paper

What to do:

  • Write “Memory Jar” on one label and place it on jar #1
  • Create a second label by writing “Paper” and place it on jar #2
  • Put small strips of paper in the “paper jar” with the pens
  • Explain to your family that you would like to gather memories throughout the year and you want everyone to participate
  • Consider writing the memories during a designated time when you’re all together: after dinner, before bed, etc.
  • Here are some ideas of things to write:
    • Funny moments
    • Good things that happen
    • Blessings
    • Answered prayer
    • Recognition, awards
    • New habits, hobbies or passions
    • Funny things people say
    • Events that define the year
    • Newspaper clippings
    • Cards