Members of Beltmann Relocation Group Receive 2013 AuSM Employment Award

Last week two of Beltmann Relocation Group’s employees were highlighted and awarded at the Autism Employment Forum in Roseville, Minnesota. Beltmann Relocation Group was one of the 2013 AuSM Employment Award recipients.


Beltmann’s own Jeanne Considine of our Minnesota office spoke about the benefits of hiring the disabled and training for both employers and employees. Ms. Considine is the Vice President of Accounting for Beltmann Group Incorporated, a multi-location Transportation and Logistics company headquartered in Roseville, Minnesota.



Daniel Roherty currently works for Beltmann Group Incorporated. Danny was diagnosed with autism at a young age and currently lives in an adult foster care community On Our Own Inc. & Associates. Danny says he likes living in Minnesota because it has so many programs for people with disabilities. Danny shared that having autism has its hurdles and its benefits as well. He described some of his challenges and how he has been able to work through them.


As the fastest growing developmental disability in Minnesota, both Beltmann Relocation Group and the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM®) provide an example of organizations working together to achieve a common goal. AuSM provides the training needed to help companies like Beltmann Relocation Group become the company of choice for individuals and customers living with autism.


The Autism & Employment Forum 2013 was held on Thursday, October 24, 2013. This important event raises awareness and brings together employers and individuals affected by autism. The event was hosted by Cargill, Incorporated, co-founder of the forum.