Make Your Kitchen More Cooking Friendly

The past several weeks of quarantining may have helped you realize that your kitchen leaves a little to be desired. Maybe it’s a space issue or a lack of the right appliances, but there’s nothing like being forced to cook every meal in your own home to highlight inadequacies. If your kitchen hasn’t been up to snuff during the days of social distancing, check out our round up of ways to give it an upgrade.

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Magnetic Knife Rack

Storing your kitchen knives on a magnetic strip has so many advantages. You don’t have to fuss with gigantic knife blocks that take up precious countertop space, you can see exactly which knife you need, and magnetic strips are actually much more hygienic than blocks. 

Menu Display

If mealtime ushers in complaints or arguments from your quarantine crew, head them off at the pass by displaying the day’s (or week’s) menu. You can utilize a chalkboard, whiteboard, or even make a faux chalkboard with chalkboard paint and mounting a shelf for your writing utensils. Keep it within reach and you can make meal planning a team effort.

Clever Cutting Board

If you’re short on counter space, you’ve likely noticed how quickly you run out of places to chop up fruits and veggies. The perfect solution is a burner cover, which safely goes right over the stove and does duel action as a safety measure and chopping surface, or over-the-sink cutting boards. As an added bonus with the over-the-sink model, scraps can go right into the garbage disposal. 

Clean as You Go

You probably heard this one from mom as you were growing up, but it may finally be ringing true now as a quarantined adult. Don’t let the used ingredients and utensils pile up on the countertops as you’re cooking. Before you know it, you’ll be knocking things over or need to set something down in a hurry and not have space. Additionally, avoid some of the post-meal clean up by measuring over the sink and always keeping a garbage bin or bag within arms reach.

Get Cookin’

After weeks of stay-at-home orders, heading out to a restaurant may be at the top of your list, but some clever adjustments may mean you and your family will look forward to the next home-cooked meals.