How to Make Friends When You’re an Adult

Christmas moving house

Things have changed quite a bit since the days when you could walk over to someone on the playground and ask, “do you want to be my friend?”

These days, finding friends as an adult can feel daunting. Especially if you’ve just gotten out of college or you’ve moved to a new city alone. Here are some ideas for how you can quickly make some friends as an adult without a whole-lot-of-awkwardness.

Join a Gym

This is a great way to meet people, especially if you can find a class and start going regularly. Show up a little early for class or stay a little late – introduce yourself, ask people what they join about the class and then mention that you just moved to town. Usually that will open up more dialogue about your personal life. You can ask for tips about there to eat or shop.

Take Up a Hobby

If you haven’t noticed all of these suggestions involve you getting out of your home. So, dust off those old golf clubs and join a team sport. Most cities have clubs for almost any hobby. Search online for one that will fit your schedule and show up. You will be sure to bond over the activity you all enjoy and make some friends in the meantime.

Take a Class

Many cities have classes you can take, whether it’s at a community college or an art studio. Classes are a great way to learn something new and meet new people. As you learn something new, ask others for assistance or meet outside of class for a special project. Classes don’t have to be totally academic – dance lessons or photography classes may be a good option depending on your interests.

Throw a Party

Yeh, throwing a party would be nice if I had FRIENDS. Well, you don’t necessarily need friends to host a neighborhood block party. Since you already share proximity with your neighbors, why not invite everyone over for a dessert bar or a cookout. Usually neighbors are interested to meet each other – which will be a quick and easy way to get yourself out there.

By just getting out of the house, indulging in your interests, you’ll be hooked up with a funny community of people in no time.